Urban I

left to right: Innere Kanalstrasse, Blue 145x75 cm acrylic 2020 / Innere Kanalstrasse, Yellow 100x80 cm acrylic. 2020 / Innere Kanalstrasse, Pink 145x75 cm acrylic 2020 / Railway Overpass, Poll 56x50 cm acrylic 2020

Urban II

"Archivaris van spectaculaire Bouwputten" - Maarten Moll, Het Parool, 23.06.18

left to right: Subway. Amsterdam "de Pijp 2" 130x80 cm oil. 2018 / Subway. Central station 130x110 cm oil 2014 (collection Amsterdam Museum) / Subway "Rokin" 140x80 cm oil.2018 / Subway "The Tomb" 135x110 cm oil 2015 / Het Parool 23-6-2018. / "Skips" each 50x40 cm acrylic 2018

Urban III

"Mexico, my heart still throbs and burns whenever memory brings you to my mind! For many other countries I have more admiration and respect, but none of them rivals your fascination. Your climate, your customs, your people, your strange landscapes of dreamlike enchantment.'

- Aleister Crowley - 

left to right: Perro in Oaxaca 95x70 cm acrylic 2018 / Oaxaca 90x60 cm acrylic 2018 / Early morning Mexico 90x70 cm acrylic 2019 / Casa Azul 75x 60 cm acrylic 2017 / Sol y Sombra 120x80 cm oil  1983 / Pink House after the Rain" 110x95 oil 2016