Travel I - Imaginary

"One of the main sources is Indian miniature painting.The jewelled colours and the flattened space of the court miniature, the way all natural detail is filtered by artifice, and above all the sense its provides of looking past the edge of the ordinary world.'

- Bruce Chatwin - 

left to right: Götterdämmerung 120x100 cm oil. 2012 / The Garden of Delight" 135x125cm oil 2012 / Yamuna River 180x140cm oil 2005 (collection Tropenmuseum Amsterdam) /  Aphrodite 90x65 oil & gold leaf 2006 / Euridice 130x100cm oil 2006

Travel II - India


The temple in Madura was like nothing I had ever seen before. Max Ernst given cart-blanche might have invented some of the inner courts with their colossal painted god figures. The central court owed more to Salvator Dali than to Ernst. There was a vast rectangular basin with steps leading down into froth laden green water.

- Paul Bowles -

left to right: 'Sacred Water Tank Hampi' 110x80 cm acrylic 2020 / 'Saddhu' 150x110 cm oil 1997 / 'Maharadja Rai Singh Goes Hunting' 150x120 cm acrylic. 2000 / 'Enlightment in Hampi' 150x100 cm oil 1998 / 'Krishna and the Gopies' 150x100 cm acrylic 2018  / Une Dame Sa Prepare à Faire l'Amour" acrylic 2001