Portraits I

"'... Ton Leenarts has created in his painting “Andrea in Moghul style” an almost contemporary portrait of his wife. But the ornamental frame of the painting and the inscriptions in Sanskrit make you wonder. The image seems to be set back as if seen through a time machine.  Despite all the present day details is it stylistically planted back into the Indian Mughal area. The current and the Indian cultural history go hand in hand in a hybrid, stylistic mix. Western civilisation is seen from a new and different perspective seen as from the point of view of the Indian civilisation and thus transformed. ... '

- Stephan von Wiese, Direktor i.R. Museum Kunstpalast Düsseldorf - 

left to right: 'Andrea in Moghul Style' 1998  acrylic  / 'Lora' 1988 acrylic 120x100 cm / 'Julius, Leoni, Felix and Louisa' 2002 acrylic 140x120 cm / 'Hells Angels' 1980 oil 85x75 cm (collection Amsterdam Museum) 1990 / 'Herman Brood' 1990 acrylic 120x100 cm