Urban I

left to right: 1- 'Innere Kanalstrasse Blue' 2020 acrylic 145x75 cm / 2 - 'Innere Kanalstrasse Yellow ' 2020 acrylic 100x80 cm / 3 - 'Innere Kanalstrasse Pink' 2020 acrylic 145x75 cm / 4 - 'Railway Overpass Poll' 2020 acrylic 56x50 cm

Urban II

"Archivaris van spectaculaire Bouwputten" - Maarten Moll, Het Parool, 23.06.18

left to right: Subway. Amsterdam "de Pijp 2" 130x80 cm oil. 2018 / Subway. Central station 130x110 cm oil 2014 (collection Amsterdam Museum) / Subway "Rokin" 140x80 cm oil.2018 / Subway "The Tomb" 135x110 cm oil 2015 / Het Parool 23-6-2018. / "Skips" each 50x40 cm acrylic 2018

Urban III

"Mexico, my heart still throbs and burns whenever memory brings you to my mind! For many other countries I have more admiration and respect, but none of them rivals your fascination. Your climate, your customs, your people, your strange landscapes of dreamlike enchantment.'

- Aleister Crowley - 

left to right: Perro in Oaxaca 95x70 cm acrylic 2018 / Oaxaca 90x60 cm acrylic 2018 / Early morning Mexico 90x70 cm acrylic 2019 / Casa Azul 75x 60 cm acrylic 2017 / Sol y Sombra 120x80 cm oil  1983 / Pink House after the Rain" 110x95 oil 2016

Travel I - Imaginary

"One of the main sources is Indian miniature painting.The jewelled colours and the flattened space of the court miniature, the way all natural detail is filtered by artifice, and above all the sense its provides of looking past the edge of the ordinary world.'

- Bruce Chatwin - 

left to right: Götterdämmerung 120x100 cm oil. 2012 / The Garden of Delight" 135x125cm oil 2012 / Yamuna River 180x140cm oil 2005 (collection Tropenmuseum Amsterdam) /  Aphrodite 90x65 oil & gold leaf 2006 / Euridice 130x100cm oil 2006