"Travel and exploration are a huge source of inspiration for Ton Leenarts. The 1990s saw him travel to India, a trip that would come to influence his work for the next decade : the frenetic atmosphere of the cities, the mix of religion with the kitsch and the vibrant Bollywood culture made for appealing subject matter. In the 2000s he became preoccupied with ancient cultures and mythology, a recurrent theme in his more recent work.

From Ancient Egypt to Persia and on to Mexico. Leenarts’ painting style is constantly evolving to incorporate the various techniques acquired on his journeys. Often, his pieces are exuberantly colourful and exotic, yet lack linear perspective and have an overriding sense of artifice. This flattening of space is a technique borrowed from Egyptian painting while the filter of artificiality is inspired by Persian Mughal miniatures. Leenarts’ work is also affected by the paintings of Gauguin and Pop-art combining dreamy imagery with a stylised Pop edge. "

Selected Exhibitions & Projects


Kunstzentrum Wachsfabrik. Cologne
Galerie Delphi form, Zwolle  - Viaducten -                                    


Kunststation Bunker H101,  Cologne  

Especial, Bonn, Fresco - El laberinto de la soledad -  


ARCAM Architecture Museum Amsterdam - De Noord/zuidlijn              

Stichting Architectuur,  Amsterdam,  - Metro Schilderkunst.    
G.O. gallery, Amsterdam, - De Noord/zuidlijn - 


Tropenmuseum Amsterdam, - The Buddha -
Galleria Patrick Domken, Cadaques, Spain, Col+lectiva”


Museum of New Art Detroit, USA, Biennale Detroit

Tao Gallery Amsterdam - Underground -

Centro de Culturas, Cadaques, Spain - Ton Leenarts -



Warehouse Loods 18, Heerlen, - Hommage van Gogh - Galeria Nou Milenni, Barcelona, Spain 

+ exhibitions

Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam // Allard Pierson Museum Amsterdam // Amsterdam Museum, Amsterdam // Tropenmuseum, Amsterdam  // Sonsbeek IAC Arnhem // Stedelijk Museum Zwolle // Musee Art Moderne Liège // Arti et Amicitiae,  Amsterdam // V.U exposorium Amsterdam, Gallery Torch, Amsterdam // Gallerie Delphi-form Zwolle // Moderne Kunst Dietmar Werle,  Cologne // Kunsthaus Reiner Opoku,  Cologne // Gallery Klaudia Marr Santa Fé, USA // Gallery Andrea Leenarts,  Cologne // Gallery Zeidoros, Athens // Galeria Helena Ramos, Barcelona // Galeria Carlos Lozano Cadaques +


+ Stage Design

Theatre Mary Stuart, Paris:
1985 - 1988  Sam Shepard: Savage Love /  Angel City / Fool For Love
1986  Artoise by Robert Cordier

+ Commissioned 

For Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam and Amsterdam Museum: - Hells Angels Amsterdam

Training / Studies

Hoge School voor Beeldende Kunst, Utrecht
Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam


2020 - Kunstzentrum Wachsfabrik

- Ton Leenarts - neue Bilder - 
präsentiert von Rupprecht Stempell

2020 - Galerie Delphi form

- Viaducten -